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 My Supernatural Romance Story

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PostSubject: My Supernatural Romance Story   Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:47 pm

I had a dream about a ghost boy and a girl who fall in love and decided to write it out. I'm not actually going to really start it until I get to Tennesse because thats where the story takes place. But this is an introductory chapter, or prequel.

~About the characters~

She is a very shy, quiet girl. She never has friends for too long because her mom's job always makes them have to move. She WANTS friends but has a hard time opening up to people. She often wear a hat to cover her eyes when shes out in public. She is the narrator of the story.


How he died: Someone was going to shoot his sister, but he took the bullet. He is a very kind boy who likes to put others needs before his. He also has a mysterious aura around him (maybe because hes a ghost? xD).


This story takes place in Louden, Tennesse at my grandmas house..xD. My grandmas house is actually haunted, but I think the ghost is a girl. Louden is a small, rural town with a downtown area that looks like its from the '50s. There's a diner, an ice cream parlor, a general store, and other random little shops. Mio and her mom just moved there. They had always visited her grandmas house every summer. Mio often played at the city park.

Genres: Supernatural, Romance, Fantasy.


[Opening song: Toki wo Kizamu Uta by Lia (Clannad ~After Story~ opening)]

Ghosts. I had never given much thought about them. Some people say they have seen them, but others say they are just fragments of our imagination. Personally, I think they could possibly be real - after all, both my parents have their stories about their own ghost encounters. I havent ever seen a ghost - not yet anyway. I would probably get creeped out if I did see one.
I didnt want to move. I saw nothing wrong with going to a ghetto high school. I had went to the ghetto middle school for 8th grade, and as scared as I was at first, I made a few friends. Sure there were fights and gangs and drugs, but it wasnt bad if you had some friends and were in the Advanced Classes. On the last day of school I actually felt like bowing down to the school and saying "Forgive me for nicknaming you 'Hells Middle School', you werent that bad after all and I'm sure my new school is going to be horrible with all those stupid preps." But no - my parents were absolutely against me going to the high school. So my mother decided that me and her would move to Louden, Tennesse in my grandmas house.
We usually spent a couple weeks there every summer. It was boring. There were very few stores in the '50s style downtown area. When I was younger I used to play at the park, I even had a friend who lived in the house across the street from my grandma - but I stopped hanging out with her a few years ago because she turned into a prep.
Sigh. Next year is going to suck, I thought as I loaded my suitcase into the car. I have no friends there and I know nothing about what the school is like. I cant stand preps and I cant stand emos. Great. Thats what like every teenager in the whole world is. I prefered my own world of manga and anime. Soon, everything was packed and in the car. I got into the passenger seat. Hell awaits, I thought as we pulled out of the driveway.

[Ending song: Ningyo Hime by Rie Tanaka (Chobits 2nd Ending)]
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PostSubject: Re: My Supernatural Romance Story   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:21 pm

6 stars<333333
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My Supernatural Romance Story
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