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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyTue Jun 17, 2008 9:00 pm

Forum Rules:

1. Be Nice.
2. You CAN cuss.
3. Stay on topic.
4. Advertise and spam ONLY in the Spam Forum.
5. Pirating is openly accepted on this forum. Feel free to share links to all kinds of free entertainment!

You will be BANNED for:

1. Starting a fight with no reason. Arguing is acceptable, but keep it civil.
2. Acting like a Rulefag.
3. Spamming not in the Spam section.
4. Bashing/insulting Pirating.
5. Bashing/insulting the Otaku culture.
6. Racism
7. Narcissism
8. Saying that the guy who plays Edward Cullen is hot.
9. Saying that Justin Bieber sings well.
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Forum Rules
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