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 I'm obsessed...

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Are you obsessed with Gakuen Alice?
YES!!!!! I AM OBSESSED!!!! O___O
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A Little.
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Nah, I just REALLY like it.
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Nah, I just like it.
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No, the series is OK..
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No - I hate Gakuen Alice.
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I'm obsessed... Empty
PostSubject: I'm obsessed...   I'm obsessed... EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 5:30 pm

Omg. I am seriously obsessed with Gakuen Alice...It was about 1 year ago, that FATEFULL day when I saw volume 1 of Gakuen Alice at Barnes & Noble, while I was sitting and waiting for my mom. I thought the girl on the cover (Mikan) looked like 10-year old Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite, my previous obsession. So I flipped through it then looked the series up on wikipedia, and watched the anime in 2 days. Then I bought the 3 volumes of the manga that had been released in America and read the rest of the manga (Up to ch.100) online and scream with joy every time a new Gakuen Alice chapter comes out, although for this whole year it's just been past chapters.. -_-.

My Gakuen Alice Collection

*All American-released manga volumes (8 so far)
*Japanese manga volumes 17 and 18
*Japanese Fanbook and Artbook
*American Gakuen Alice anime DVD box set
*Japanese Anime Originial Soundtrack
*Japanese Anime opening/ending song single
*Japanese Anime Drama CD's (all 3 of them ;D)
*Japanese GBA game - DokiDoki Fushigi Taiken
*Japanese DS game - WakuWaku Happy Friends

I WANT THE PS2 GAME BUT IT'S SOO HARD TO FIND Wtf!? Anyway, list your Gakuen Alice items and your obsessions here.

The PS2 Game

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I'm obsessed...
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