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 Gakuen Alice video games!

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PostSubject: Gakuen Alice video games!   Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:28 pm

Ah, the Gakuen Alice video games. Theres 3 of them [GBA, PS2, DS] and alot of people have trouble finding places to buy/download them, but being a Super Otaku Collector, (a word I made up that describes someone who is an anime/manga Otaku who devotes their time [and money] collecting all the stuff for their favorite manga/anime like CDs, games, books, etc. They will do whatever it takes and stop at nothing to get even the rarest items.) I was able to find some sites..Let's start with the first game, the GBA..

Gakuen Alice ~DokiDoki Fushigi Taiken~ [GBA]

Download ROM
Download the ROM (link 1)
Download the ROM (link 2)

Buy The Game
I bought the game from JGamers but it is now Out of Stock.. If you know somebody who lives in Japan you could buy it from

Gakuen Alice ~KiraKira Memory Kiss~ [PS2]

Known to Otaku Collectors as the rarest game in the whole world, there isnt even a ROM for this game. Luckily for you, after 3 HOURS of SEARCHING I found a couple of sites to buy it from, but unluckily for me, PayPal wont accept MasterCards anymore..

[edit]: Lol I bought this off of ebay for $6. I've played through it 3 times and keep getting the bad ending orz.

Buy The Game

Games Asia
Himeya Shop

Gakuen Alice ~WakuWaku Happy Friends~ [Nintendo DS]

Download ROM


Buy the Game
Play Asia
Himeya Shop
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Gakuen Alice video games!
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