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 My Job Dilema

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Which should I be?
A Paranormal Investigator
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A Pharmacist
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A Chef
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A Graphic Designer
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PostSubject: My Job Dilema   My Job Dilema EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 8:12 pm

While trying to pick out electives for school, I realized I have like 4 jobs I want to do..

1. Paranormal Investigator - Idk if this is an actual JOB, but I loove supernatural stuff it's so amazing and addicting Very Happy

2. Pharmacist - Ok i dont really like medicine. At all. But they get paid alot.

3. A Chef - Cooking is pretty fun and I have a decent sense of taste.

4. Graphic Designer - I like computers and making like slideshows with music and stuff.

So, since you ppl are my online friends and know my personality and stuff, help me decide Very Happy
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My Job Dilema
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